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Orongo- Ceremonial Village of the Birdman Cult

Set between the sprawling crater of Rano Kau and the plunging cliffs of Easter Island’s southwest coast, is the small ceremonial village of Orongo. Orongo is a much different site than any other place on Easter Island. There are no famous moai statues and no huge ceremonial platforms. It’s the only place on the island […]

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Rano Raraku- Carving Site of Easter Island’s Moai

Scattered across the slope of a volcano are hundreds of stone heads, their serious facial expressions gazing out over Easter Island’s barren landscape. These are moai- idolized by the original Rapa Nui culture and obsessively built here at Rano Raraku, one of Easter Island’s most fascinating sites. About Rano Raraku Rano Raraku is the quarry […]

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4 Days in Easter Island- A Self-Guided Tour of Rapa Nui

“We’re most looking forward to spending 4 days in Easter Island,” I’d say when friends asked about our upcoming trip to South America. “What’s Easter Island?” some would ask, a quizzical look on their face. “You know, the place with all the stone heads,” I replied, trying to hide my shock that they didn’t know […]

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