Meet Rhonda

Nice to meet you! I’m Rhonda, the writer and photographer behind Travel? Yes Please!

This site was born from my lifelong love of travel and desire to share beautiful imagery of the places I’ve visited. I hope my photos, stories, and experiences not only inspire others to explore our wonderful world, but help make the planning process easier for those embarking on their own adventures.

Rhonda Krause

About Me

I make it a priority to travel every chance I get. Whether it be shorter getaways in my home country of Canada, or multi-week international journeys, I am out to see the world one trip at a time!

I describe my travel style as “laid back luxe” and enjoy a wide variety of destinations and experiences. I love nature, adventure, wildlife, archaeological sites, beaches, city breaks, and road trips. I’ve got all the bases covered when it comes to travel!

I plan all my trips myself and travel independently as much as possible. On this site you’ll find my handcrafted travel itineraries and destination guides based on my first-hand experiences.

When I’m not travelling, I work full-time on the blog and enjoy getting outside to kayak, hike, and bike ride.

To help you get to know me better, here are my answers to some commonly asked questions.

Meet Rhonda Krause, Canadian Travel Blogger.
At Sacsayhuaman– Cusco, Peru

Favourite destination: Japan. From the moment I first set foot there, I felt at home. I love the culture of respect and mindfulness of others.

First international trip: England and France on a school trip in Grade 11 (1998). It made me fall in love with Europe and started my obsession with travel. I was especially impressed with the Palace of Versailles.

Favourite things to do on vacation: Take pictures, be active in nature (hiking, biking, kayaking), explore ruins.

Dream trips: Antarctica, safari in Tanzania, Galapagos Islands, French Polynesia

Place you’d return to again and again: Japan, Italy, France

Favourite meal you’ve eaten while travelling: I don’t really care about food (and am a very picky eater), so don’t put emphasis on it when travelling. I love sweets and breakfast food, so really enjoyed the waffles in Belgium. I tried capuns during my two week trip to Switzerland and was surprised by how much I liked them. Maybe I should try new food more often!

Thing I love most about travel: The freedom to make every day exactly what I want it to be. Also, I love how in a new country ordinary things become fascinating and exciting.

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At the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia