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How to Plan a Trip to Antarctica- Things to Consider When Choosing an Antarctica Cruise

A trip to Antarctica is without a doubt a bucket list worthy experience. From towering icebergs and majestic glaciers, to close encounters with an extraordinary amount of wildlife, Antarctica will fill even the most seasoned of travellers with wonder. The far-off, remote location, and the high cost of travel to Antarctica, mean that the White...

Salisbury Plain, South Georgia- Visiting One of the Island’s Largest King Penguin Colonies

If there ever was a place you have to see to believe, it’s Salisbury Plain on South Georgia Island. Before our expedition cruise to South Georgia and Antarctica, I’d heard about the massive king penguin colony at Salisbury Plain, packed tight with hundreds of thousands of beautiful, buzzing birds. It was actually a picture of...

Grytviken, South Georgia- Visiting an Abandoned Whaling Station

The isolated settlement of Grytviken on South Georgia Island is a place that few people visit, but those who do will discover interesting stories of human exploration and environmental exploitation, all set in a place of stunning natural beauty. As a former whaling station, stopping-off point for polar explorers, and base for scientific research, there’s...

Wildlife in Antarctica- A Visitor’s Guide to Antarctic Wildlife

The abundance of animals in Antarctica make the continent a bucket list destination for wildlife lovers, bird watchers, and those looking to see some of Earth’s most well known creatures. Antarctica is a wonderfully wild place where you can see huge concentrations of marine mammals and seabirds living side by side, thriving in one of...

Antarctica Trip Itinerary- Cruise to Antarctica, South Georgia and Falkland Islands

I’ve found myself at a loss for words but filled with emotion ever since our trip to Antarctica, South Georgia, and the Falkland Islands. I know I’m not doing our Antarctica cruise, and the places we visited, any justice when friends ask about it and all I can say is, “It was incredible! Best trip...


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