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What to Expect on Your First Trip to Egypt- A First Time Visitor’s Guide

Egypt is such an iconic, recognizable destination that we felt pretty confident about what to expect when visiting Egypt for the first time, at least when it came to attractions. Imposing pyramids- check. Monumental temples- check. Elaborately decorated royal tombs- check. However, we were less sure what travelling in Egypt would be like from a...

What to Expect on Your First Trip to Japan- A First Time Visitor’s Guide

It’s hard not to love Japan. Beautiful and evocative, Japan awakens your imagination and captures your heart. Japan is a nation that’s not afraid of innovation and progress, yet is passionately protective and proud of its culture. Temples, shrines, peaceful gardens and traditional customs, co-exist with towering skyscrapers, futuristic architecture, speeding bullet trains and a...

What to Expect on Your First Trip to Cuba- A First Time Visitor’s Guide

Cuba is a fascinating and unique country, with enough diversity to please all types of travellers. History buffs will feel as though time has stood still in Cuba’s charming colonial towns, rich with colour and culture. Nature lovers and adventure seekers will enjoy hiking among the jungle covered mountains and lush valleys. Those looking for...


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