Photo of the Week: Gellért Monument, Budapest

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Across from Budapest’s Elizabeth Bridge is a stone staircase leading up to a large memorial for St. Gellért, Hungary’s first missionary.

The statue’s location is not only dramatic in terms of amazing views, but is said to be where Gellért faced a sensational death. Legend has it that Gellért was either hurled off the hill or nailed inside a barrel and rolled into the Danube. His death is attributed to insurgents who wanted a return to paganism. | Photo of the Week: Gellért Monument, Budapest

The Gellért Monument was erected in 1904 on Gellért Hill and can be seen from all over Budapest. The 6.76 metre tall statue of Gellért holding up a crucifix is framed by a semi-circular colonnade and has a man-made waterfall below it (which unfortunately was not running when I took this picture).

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