Walking the Fortifications of Québec City

Québec City has many things to brag about, but what makes it truly unique is the fortified wall that surrounds the historic district of Old Québec. As the only fortified city north of Mexico, Québec has a long and prominent military history. From its founding in 1608 by French explorer Samuel de Champlain, to its […]

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2 Days in Québec City- Enjoying European Charm in Canada

It’s not hard to fall in love with Québec City. Only two blocks into the Old Town and I was already head over heels. I still vividly remember the moment Québec City stole my heart. It was my first night in town and I was walking down Saint-Louis toward Château Frontenac. Lantern-shaped streetlights warmly shone […]

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Fujiyoshida Sengen Shrine- Traditional Starting Point for Climbing Mt. Fuji

In the midst of a dense, old growth forest at the foot of Mt. Fuji, sits a small shrine complex with a special connection to the sacred volcano. Kitaguchi Hongu Fuji Sengen Shrine (Fujiyoshida Sengen Shrine) is the traditional starting point of the Yoshidaguchi Climbing Trail. Pilgrims would come here to pray before beginning their […]

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Saiko Iyashi no sato Nenba- A Charming Open Air Museum of Japanese Crafts and Culture

On the northwest side of Lake Saiko, one of the Fuji Five Lakes, is a charming village called Saiko Iyashi no sato Nenba. This traditional Japanese village was once a small farming community until it was destroyed by a typhoon in 1966. It has since been recreated and turned into an open air museum where […]

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Exploring the Fuji Five Lakes- Things to Do Even When You Can’t See Mt. Fuji

Perhaps no other place in Japan is iconic as Mt. Fuji. The allure of this sacred volcano attracts many tourists to the Fuji Five Lakes, an ideal area for viewing Mt. Fuji’s perfect cone. There’s just one problem. Mt. Fuji is notoriously shy, often hiding behind low hanging cloud. Where are you Mt. Fuji? I’ve […]

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The Pisac Ruins- Gateway to the Sacred Valley of the Incas

As we wandered through the colourful markets of Pisac, all I could think about was visiting the Pisac ruins. “No more shopping,” I urged Mike, “let’s get to the ruins!” I was eager to see this spectacular site, known for its steep hillside of agricultural terraces. The Pisac ruins were the only archaeological site in […]

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Deadwood, South Dakota- Gambling, Gunslinging and Ghosts

In a world where things seem to change in a blink of an eye, Deadwood remains much as it was in 1876 during the height of the Black Hills Gold Rush. Once a lawless town that attracted gamblers, gunslingers and gold seekers, the Deadwood of today still is a destination for people looking to experience […]

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Photo of the Week: San Pedro Apostol Church in Andahuaylillas, Peru

On our last day in Cusco we drove part of the Andean Baroque Route, a scenic road in the South Valley known for its four churches of the Andean Baroque artistic movement. We visited only one, San Pedro Apostol de Andahuaylillas, about 40 kms from Cusco. San Pedro Apostol may not look very grand from […]

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A Walk in Moon Valley- La Paz, Bolivia

Take a name like Moon Valley, combine it with a penchant for unique landscapes, and you can bet I was intrigued to visit Valle de la Luna in La Paz, Bolivia. In a city surrounded by dramatic terrain, Moon Valley is a showpiece of the region. Tall, tan-coloured pinnacles rise up from the eroded hillside, […]

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Via Ferrata Climbing Adventure- Montmorency Falls Park, Quebec

Riding my bike from Quebec City towards Montmorency Falls, I excitedly anticipated doing my first via ferrata route. My enthusiasm was oblivious to the fact that I didn’t have a clear idea what exactly via ferrata was, only that it sounded like a fun adventure. So with no preconceived notions or expectations, I readied myself […]

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How to Spend 3 Days in La Paz, Bolivia- Our Itinerary

There was only one place during our 3 week trip to South America that I was nervous about visiting- La Paz, Bolivia. A lot of what I’d heard about the city was not positive. On blogs I read stories about encounters with fake police, and heeded my guidebook’s warnings about taxicab “express kidnappings”. Then toss […]

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Frank - May 29, 2017 - 4:33 pm

Isn’t it funny how in South America the poor often have the most scenic views in the city? I remember in Rio the favelas stretching up the hills…

Some beautiful scenery and that photo with Mount Illimani stunning.

I don’t know if we’ll ever get there, Spanky has always been nervous about South America and even though we’ve been twice (Colombia – Great experience, Brazil – shitty experience) it’s not high on our list mostly because of the crime factor.

Nice post,
Frank (bbqboy)

Tiwanaku, Bolivia- Visiting the Ruins of an Andean Civilization

One of the joys of travelling is learning about different cultures, especially ancient ones that no longer exist. I knew nothing of Tiwanaku culture, or the city that was the centre of their empire, until I visited the Tiwanaku archaeological site on a day trip from La Paz, Bolivia. Exploring the ruins with our guide, […]

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Walking Tour of Santiago, Chile- Photo Series

We found ourselves in Santiago more out of necessity than any real desire. We were going to Easter Island for a few days and Santiago is one of only two places you can fly there from. Since we were passing through, we decided we should spend at least one day in Santiago exploring the city. […]

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How to Spend 4 Days in Tokyo- Our Itinerary

Ah, Tokyo. Just hearing the name conjures up images of densely packed skyscrapers, streets lined with larger-than-life advertisements and crowded public spaces. Yes, that vision is correct, but there is much more to Tokyo than first meets the eye. Tokyo is a city where the past, present and innovations for the future co-exist in perfect […]

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Photo of the Week: The Twin Bays of Manzanillo

When we were in Manzanillo, Mexico, we decided to get off our resort for a few hours and do an ATV tour to the top of el Cerro del Torro (Bull Mountain). As the area’s highest mountain, it offers exquisite views of the Pacific coastline and the twin bays of Manzanillo. Bahia de Manzanillo (on […]

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Learning How to Sandboard in Huacachina, Peru

“I’m sandboarding in Peru!” I yell at my GoPro as I proudly surf down the wind-sculpted dunes of Huacachina. This is my first time sandboarding and I’ve got to admit- I’m better than I thought I would be. Maybe it’s because I have a good teacher, Victor “Dito” Chavez, a professional sandboarder and snowboarder who […]

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Tam - May 14, 2017 - 2:11 pm

Awesome post! I really wanted to go sandboarding so I just tried it in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. Like you, I was really surprised how good I was at it compared to sports like snowboarding. I would do it again in a heart beat! We plan to head through parts of Peru so maybe I’ll go to Huacachina :)

Visiting Tottori Hanakairo Flower Park- One of Japan’s Largest Flower Parks

I love visiting gardens on my travels, so it’s no surprise that the Tottori Hanakairo Flower Park was a highlight of my 3 day trip to the Tottori prefecture of Japan. With about 50 hectares, the Tottori Hanakairo Flower Park is one of the largest flower gardens in Japan. There’s a wide variety of flowers […]

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Photo of the Week: Toronto Skyline- View From the Toronto Islands

During our short visit to Toronto, we didn’t have a lot of time for sightseeing but there was one place I made it a priority to visit- the Toronto Islands. I knew I wanted to capture a cityscape photo of Toronto, so for that reason, we hopped on the ferry and sailed across the inner […]

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Ray - March 3, 2017 - 3:09 pm

Great shot of my hometown! Really glad you made it a priority to visit the Toronto Islands as it is hands down the best spot of the entire city of Toronto!