Photo of the Week: Asahi Breweries Headquarters in Tokyo

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After visiting Tokyo’s Sensoji Temple, we walked through the Asakusa district towards the Sumida River. Arriving at the riverbank, we were met with this view of unique and intriguing architecture. | Photo of the Week: Asahi Breweries Headquarters in Tokyo

On the left, is one of Tokyo’s most modern and well known landmarks, the Tokyo Sky Tree. On the right, is a more perplexing structure that had us immediately wondering, “Why does that building have a golden sperm on the roof?”

Well, not-so surprisingly, that’s not a golden sperm (nor a golden “turd” as the locals call it). It’s a flame and it prominently tops the smaller of the two Asahi Breweries buildings. The taller building next to it resembles a jug full of beer, topped with a white “foam” roof.

Initially we didn’t know that this was the Asahi Breweries headquarters, never mind see any resemblance to beer. Now that I’ve done some research though, I can definitely see the connection (except for the “flame”, that still doesn’t make sense!)

Regardless, the Asahi Breweries headquarters was the most talked about building during our 4 days in Tokyo.

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