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Beautiful Places in Japan- 17 Scenic Spots to Visit

Pretty places abound in Japan. From the man-made beauty of Japanese temples and Shinto shrines to the natural landscapes that have become icons of the country, there are countless beautiful places in Japan to visit. Japan is a country that cares about aesthetics. City streets are clean, gardens are perfectly manicured, and architecture is in...

Kodai-ji Temple- A Beautiful Zen Temple in Kyoto

Kodai-ji Temple is an outstanding Zen temple in Kyoto offering one of the best sightseeing experiences in the southern Higashiyama area. At Kodai-ji, you can admire a traditional Japanese garden, visit important cultural properties, wander through a bamboo grove, and relax at a tea house- all without the crowds that flock to Kyoto’s more famous...

Matsumoto Castle- Visiting an Original Japanese Castle

I’ve visited several castles in Japan but one that stands out in terms of beauty, historical interest, and visitor experience is Matsumoto Castle. As a National Treasure of Japan, Matsumoto Castle is one of the finest of Japan’s 12 original castles. Its towering black donjon, elegant scaffolds, and engraved roof tiles blend strength with grace,...

Senso-ji Temple- Getting to Know Tokyo’s Oldest Temple

It wouldn’t be a trip to Tokyo without visiting Senso-ji, one of the city’s most significant and famous temples. As the oldest temple in Tokyo, Senso-ji attracts thousands of visitors each day who come to worship, participate in traditional rituals, and admire the temple’s vibrant red buildings. During the day, Senso-ji Temple is buzzing with...

Getting to Know Nagano and Zenko-ji Temple

Nagano was familiar to me as the host of the 1998 Winter Olympics, but beyond that I didn’t know what there was to see and do besides winter sports. What I discovered during my one day in Nagano was a pleasant city surrounded by low mountains, with a relaxed vibe that quickly drew me in....


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