Photo of the Week: Johann Strauss Monument, Vienna

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Vienna is known worldwide as a centre of culture and art, but is perhaps most famous for its roots in classical music. A long tradition of classical music attracted many notable musicians to the city. Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Ludwig van Beethoven all played music in Vienna. | Photo of the Week: Johann Strauss Monument, Vienna

Not all musicians in Vienna moved here from other cities though. The Strauss family were 100% Viennese and their contributions to classical music are still very much respected in Vienna.

Johann Strauss II helped bring the waltz, a musical style developed by his dad, to the mainstream. The junior Strauss composed many famous waltz classics, like the Blue Danube, along with other types of dance music and operettas. | Photo of the Week: Johann Strauss Monument, Vienna

The Vienna City Park (Stadtpark) has a beautiful monument paying tribute to Johann Strauss II. A large gilded statue of Strauss playing his violin stands on a pedestal framed by a marble relief. Since the unveiling of the Johann Strauss monument in 1921, it has become one of the most photographed monuments in Vienna.

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