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Cruising Austria’s Scenic Wachau Valley

After happily saying goodbye to Vienna for the day, I sat on the train eagerly anticipating our final destination. We were heading towards one of Austria’s most beautiful landscapes, the Wachau Valley. I spent much of the train ride lost in thought, imagining the dreamy landscape I was about to see during our Wachau Valley cruise. Since...

Melk Abbey- A Jewel on the Danube

Melk Abbey is one of those places I decided to visit solely because it was a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I wasn’t familiar with its history or what treasures we would see on a tour of Melk Abbey’s interior. I just knew it was close to Vienna and that Melk was the gateway to the Wachau...

Discover Hohensalzburg Fortress- Salzburg’s Medieval Castle

I love visiting castles, so it’s no surprise that the first place we headed after arriving in Salzburg was the fortified Hohensalzburg Castle. The name Hohensalzburg translates into “High Salzburg Fortress”, fitting considering the castle’s location atop Festungberg Hill directly overlooks Salzburg’s Old Town quarter. Hohensalzburg Castle is not only Salzburg’s key landmark, but is the...

Vienna for Non-Museum Lovers- Finding the Fun

When Mike and I arrived in Vienna, we were three weeks into our five week European vacation. We’d had long days of admiring the intricate architecture of churches and fine furnishings of the most luxurious palaces. We’d wandered through a few museums (which aren’t really our thing) and strolled around many beautiful gardens. When we...

Five Weeks in Europe- Our Itinerary’s Hits and Misses

For our honeymoon, Mike and I decided to spend five weeks in Europe. We travelled to six different countries experiencing everything from small lakeside villages in the mountains, to one of the world’s most popular festivals. I’ll admit it, I planned a very ambitious (and detailed) itinerary for our five weeks in Europe. I left...


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