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What to Expect on Your First Trip to Cuba- A First Time Visitor’s Guide

Cuba is a fascinating and unique country, with enough diversity to please all types of travellers. History buffs will feel as though time has stood still in Cuba’s charming colonial towns, rich with colour and culture. Nature lovers and adventure seekers will enjoy hiking among the jungle covered mountains and lush valleys. Those looking for...

Exploring the Plazas of Old Havana

La Habana Vieja, or Old Havana, is the historic heart of Cuba’s capital city and the largest colonial centre in Latin America. Full of colour and personality, it’s a mix of historic buildings, museums, galleries, churches and lively plazas. Old Havana is where most of the tourists to Havana spend their time. It’s full of...

A Night Out at the Tropicana Havana- Review, Photos and Tips for Visiting

Since 1939, the Tropicana has been Cuba’s defining cabaret show. At this famous open-air nightclub in a lush tropical garden estate, guests are entertained by a colourful medley of song and dance reflecting elements of Cuban culture. The Tropicana Havana Cabaret- Our Experience Our cab heads down a broad, tree lined avenue into Miramar, Havana’s...

Hustled and Hassled in Havana

After an eventful first night in Havana, I woke up the next day excited to begin exploring the city. I couldn’t wait to ride in a classic car, admire the architecture, and experience the local culture. After breakfast we hopped in a beautiful 1951 Chev and had the driver take us to Plaza de la...

A Strange Introduction to Havana

“I hope we come away from Havana with some good stories,” I eagerly said to Mike as our bus pulled away from the airport. I was excited to be visiting Cuba for the first time, a country I was very curious about. I was especially enthusiastic about spending 3 days in Havana, the lively capital...


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