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Glendalough Monastic Site- Visiting One of Ireland’s Premier Monastic Settlements

Tucked into a forested valley in the Wicklow mountains are the remains of Glendalough, one of Ireland’s most important monastic settlements. It’s an evocative site- ancient stone buildings surrounded by Celtic crosses and gravestones, while two lakes and a river flow nearby. As the first stop on my Ireland road trip, Glendalough monastic site was...

Exploring the Arashiyama District of Kyoto

On the last of our 3 days in Kyoto, we decided to explore the Arashiyama district, a mountainous, forested region in the western outskirts of the city. We were initially drawn to this popular sightseeing district by photos of its famous bamboo grove, but quickly discovered that Arashiyama has far more to offer, both in...

Dawson City- A Gold Rush Good Time in the Yukon

There’s no place in Canada quite like Dawson City. This quirky northern town in the Yukon will transport you back to a time when the streets were dirt, sidewalks made of wood, piano music spilled out of saloons, and striking it rich was everyone’s ambition. The Klondike Gold Rush established and shaped Dawson City. Its...

2 Weeks in Ireland- My Road Trip Itinerary

I’ve never met anyone who’s done a road trip in Ireland and not loved it. After spending 2 weeks in Ireland, I am now one of those people. My 2 week road trip in Ireland had it all: postcard-worthy landscapes, fascinating ancient sites, evocative ruins, gratifying outdoor adventures, colourful small towns, delicious food, lively music, fun...


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