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Nature and Heritage at La Seigneurie du Triton- A Historic Wilderness Lodge in Quebec

There’s nothing quite like disconnecting in a place surrounded by miles and miles of pristine nature. Forests, lakes, rivers- they all have a way of replacing my stress with relaxation, worry with peace. For that reason, I ventured to the Mauricie region of Quebec, an area known for its vast natural spaces. With over 17,500...

The Best of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks- A 5 Day Itinerary

A few years ago I wanted to do a trip to Yellowstone National Park, as it’s one of the most geologically interesting and wildlife-rich areas in the United States. The problem was, Yellowstone is extremely popular and I’d spent weeks planning the perfect Yellowstone and Grand Teton itinerary, only to find out that accommodations and...

Getting to Know Nagano and Zenko-ji Temple

Nagano was familiar to me as the host of the 1998 Winter Olympics, but beyond that I didn’t know what there was to see and do besides winter sports. What I discovered during my one day in Nagano was a pleasant city surrounded by low mountains, with a relaxed vibe that quickly drew me in....

Glendalough Monastic Site- Visiting One of Ireland’s Premier Monastic Settlements

Tucked into a forested valley in the Wicklow mountains are the remains of Glendalough, one of Ireland’s most important monastic settlements. It’s an evocative site- ancient stone buildings surrounded by Celtic crosses and gravestones, while two lakes and a river flow nearby. As the first stop on my Ireland road trip, Glendalough monastic site was...

Things to Do in the Chubu Region of Japan- 9 Ways to Experience Japanese Traditions

Each country has its own unique culture, but there’s something really compelling about Japan, a place that widely respects and complies with tradition. Japanese traditions, whether it be those associated with architecture and craftsmanship, ceremonies and celebrations, or etiquette and hospitality, are a big reason why I keep returning to Japan. On my previous two...


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