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What’s Your Travel Style?- How to Choose a Trip That’s Right for You

There are so many different options available when it comes to travel- cruises, coach tours, all-inclusive vacations and independent travel. You may not know what your travel style is until you get out there and try and few different options. What you find out about yourself may surprise you. How I Discovered My Travel Style…

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  • Jennifer - We felt the same way about cruising. Definitely not our travel style! We prefer to travel independently.July 14, 2013 – 3:16 pmReplyCancel

  • Agung John Suyono - As Tourist Guide I love to Travel even to Indonesia Archipelagoes which is contain of more then 13.000 Islands spreading around 5000 km from the west to the east border snd such alike from the north to the southJune 29, 2016 – 7:21 pmReplyCancel

Photo of the Week: Ink Pots, Banff National Park

The Johnston Canyon trail is one of the most popular hiking trails in Banff National Park.  However, not too many people hike as far as the Ink Pots. Those who make the 3 km trek from the Upper Falls to Johnston Valley are rewarded with this beautiful view, unspoiled by the masses of tourists you…

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  • Helen - I was just having a nostalgia trip and found this site. The photos are great and remind me of living in the area as a child and young adult. Just one issue and that is your text is running into your side bar and is mixed up with the information there.August 5, 2015 – 5:36 pmReplyCancel

Capri- Boat Tour and The Famous Blue Grotto

Capri’s craggy coast, turquoise waters, abundant sea caves and beautiful views of the Gulf of Naples make it a popular spot for day-trippers coming from Sorrento and Naples. In the summer time, the island welcomes up to 5,000 visitors a day. This popularity means that Capri is heavily geared for tourism- shops overflowing with tacky…

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  • Andrew Emmons - Hi Rhonda! My wife and I are going to be in Rome in a couple weeks and I was thinking about taking a day trip to Capri. This boat tour sounds really neat, and like something we would like to do. What is the name of the tour operator that operates this tour? Where are they located at? Thanks!June 27, 2014 – 5:15 pmReplyCancel

    • Rhonda Krause - When I went to Capri, it was part of a coach tour I was on. The boat trip was arranged by that company, so I can’t help you with the name. That was before I started a blog, so I didn’t think to keep track of stuff like that! As far as I remember, there were a lot of boats right there at the dock. I’m not sure if you could hire one right on the spot, or would need to book in advance. Make sure you hire a company that takes you into the Blue Grotto, because that was my favourite part! Sorry I can’t be of more help. It was a great boat trip though and I’m sure you would enjoy it!June 28, 2014 – 10:12 amReplyCancel

  • Andrew - Thanks for the reply! I’m sure we’ll be able to find one.June 28, 2014 – 10:28 amReplyCancel

Photo of the Week: Seattle Space Needle

I just love this unique view of Seattle’s Space Needle. I took this picture from inside the Glass House at the incredible Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit. Framing the Space Needle in this photo, is a suspended 1,400-piece, 100-foot-long glass sculpture, created by artist Dale Chihuly. If you are ever in Seattle, I strongly recommend you…

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Ephesus- Exploring an Ancient City

It was a scorcher of a day. 45 degrees Celsius, not a cloud in the sky, and I was off to visit one of the largest open-air archaeological museums in the world- Ancient Ephesus. The weather conditions weren’t ideal for visiting a place where shade was non-existent, but with only one day in port at…

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  • Jennifer - I love visiting ruins like this! Your photos remind me a lot of Jerash in Jordan.July 15, 2013 – 7:56 pmReplyCancel

    • Rhonda Krause - We haven’t been to Jordan yet, but it is definitely on our list. I will have to go check out Jerash and see how it compares to Ephesus.July 16, 2013 – 9:29 amReplyCancel

  • Michael - Wow – your guide is so indepth. Much more than I could ever write. Nice to see you mention Hadrian’s Gate. For some reason, a lot of people miss that outJuly 16, 2014 – 1:41 amReplyCancel

    • Rhonda Krause - Thanks so much. Glad you enjoyed it- it took me a long time to write!July 16, 2014 – 2:35 pmReplyCancel

Romantic Lake Louise- Our Favourite Activities for Romance

Lake Louise is one of our favourite places to visit in the Canadian Rockies and Mike and I have made many trips here during our relationship. Lake Louise is pristine, calming and picturesque- the perfect place for couples of any age to rekindle the spark during a romantic weekend getaway in Alberta. For us, romance…

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Stunning Views and Crazy Donkeys- A Whirlwind Trip to Santorini

Santorini was the place I was most looking forward to visiting when I set off to Greece.  I couldn’t wait to walk among the white-washed buildings with the famous brilliant blue domes.  I pictured myself sitting on a terrace, enjoying a wonderful meal as I gaze out to the caldera, watching the setting sun paint…

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  • Freya, Holiday Nomad - Santorini is so beautiful. No matter how many times I see the pictures of Oia, it still takes my breath away. You are so lucky to have visited it already!July 6, 2013 – 1:19 pmReplyCancel

    • Rhonda Krause - I agree! Santorini’s beauty is almost unbelievable. One visit is just not enough! Hopefully you are able to make it there one day :)July 6, 2013 – 2:04 pmReplyCancel

  • Genevieve - I had the same experience in Santorini! We had about three hours, but had to rush our meal and the local tour guide totally snapped at us for being three minutes late to the bus. I agree – I’d never cruise to Santorini again, if I went back it would be for a few nights of relaxation.October 2, 2013 – 1:02 amReplyCancel

    • Rhonda Krause - It’s such a shame to be rushed. Hopefully we both will get to return one day and be able to spend more time just relaxing & enjoying Santorini!October 2, 2013 – 1:10 pmReplyCancel

  • Sand In My Suitcase - Santorini is a special island – and yes, you have to spend more than a few days on it to enjoy it. When you return, you’ll probably enjoy hiking from Fira to Oia (or the other way) along the spine of the island. Awesome views over the caldera on one side and valley views toward the sea on the other. We did a trip a few years back where we took the high-speed catamaran from Athens to Mykonos (8 days) and then to Santorini (6 days). Hope you find your way back to explore Santorini on your own terms!February 7, 2014 – 5:11 pmReplyCancel

  • Cacinda Maloney - I just had my first trip to Santorini, and I can say I LOVED IT, but i lucked out and did not ride those donkeys down. I took a prop plane from Athens and stayed a few days, before embarking on the ferry to Mykonos. Agreed, it is one lovely island!June 1, 2014 – 5:19 amReplyCancel

  • Glen - Santorini is definitely the sort of place where you need plenty of time. Not just because there is so much to do, but also to have time to just sit back and relax and take it all in. Plus, each extra day spent there means one more sunset :)January 20, 2016 – 4:28 pmReplyCancel

    • Rhonda Krause - I agree! I’m still hoping to get back to Santorini one day and experience the famous sunsets the way they were meant to be experienced. I hated that my time there was so rushed!January 24, 2016 – 10:39 amReplyCancel

  • Tracey - I adore Santorini and fulfilled a dream by doing a 5 night trip there. Your post brought back a particular memory: I met a lovely lady in Santorini who looked frantic. I spoke to her briefly and she said she had to get back to her ship soon and was so frustrated because there wasn’t enough time. Given Santorini is so amazing, I totally sympathised. But, it is best to have been there for a short time, rather than never to have been at all!December 8, 2017 – 7:06 pmReplyCancel

    • Rhonda Krause - I can definitely relate to how that lady was feeling! But yes, even an hour or two is better than nothing at all. I talk all the time about going back but it hasn’t happened yet since there are so many places in the world I’ve yet to see!January 3, 2018 – 3:53 pmReplyCancel

  • Ismini Vasileiou - It’s great, great, great! We will visit this summer as well, but in the end of it. We will do a lot of things, visit the volcano once more, Caldera, donkey ride. Oh, my husband found out about the sea kayak which we booked and we are more than thrilled to try. Island of love, here we come again!July 24, 2019 – 7:40 amReplyCancel

Photo of the Week: Mont Saint Michel in Film

When I went to France on a school trip in 1998, I thought Mont Saint Michel was the coolest place. It seemed so mysterious to me as I watched it come into view from the the bus window. This huge 8th century Gothic-style Benedictine abbey is built on a rocky island that is surrounded by water at…

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  • Thomas - Good photograph nonetheless. If you went now, you would notice a lot of changes. The causeway and the parking lot have been removed and now a raised causeway means Mont Saint Michel is an Island again. Have a look at my blog for photographs taken in June.August 28, 2013 – 2:32 amReplyCancel

    • Rhonda Krause - I checked out your article. I think the raised causeway is a great move. Mont Saint Michel looks stunning surrounded by water!August 30, 2013 – 12:27 amReplyCancel

  • Michelle McAnally Woods - Going in a few weeks- it has been on my bucket list since I had a poster of it on my wall as a child! Thanks for sharing.May 2, 2014 – 9:09 amReplyCancel

    • Rhonda Krause - That’s great! You must be so excited! I would love to go back again and see if anything has changed in the 16 years since I was last there.May 2, 2014 – 4:23 pmReplyCancel

Exploring Galveston- Victorian Architecture and Unique Surprises

Galveston is a small, romantic island tucked away in southern Texas along the Gulf of Mexico.  It’s only 32 miles long and two and a half miles wide, but offers a lot for visitors to see and do.  Even though there are plenty of attractions in Galveston, Mike and I opted for the simple approach- walking…

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  • Lori - These are some quite impressive – and really beautiful – homes / constructions. I’ve never been there, but I do love this type of architecture!June 30, 2013 – 6:22 amReplyCancel

How Athens Taught Me to Travel Differently

Plopping down onto the bed in my Athens hotel room, I burst into tears and announced that I wanted to turn right around and head back home. “I hate Athens!” I pouted like a tantruming child. “I’m phoning my mom and telling her I’m coming home!” Was Athens was really that bad? So bad that…

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  • Liz smith - Great read. I agree, I’ve had some of those moments myself. The first I visited Venice I was immediately impressed – but after a day, I fell in love and discovered the real city. Been back 3 times since. Things aren’t always what we expect, but sometimes it’s a good thing.June 18, 2013 – 7:33 pmReplyCancel

  • Edsel Sismar - Oh my god! Just look at that beautiful and amazing photos of Athens, I really wanted to visit Athens so bad! But I just couldn’t I don’t have the opportunity. Oh well just watching these beautiful and wonderful places in Athens makes me feel I visited the place without stepping foot. Great post by the way.December 3, 2013 – 4:14 pmReplyCancel

  • Meg - I was disappointed in Amsterdam, initially. Your article totally rang true for me – the crying in the hotel room bit. But you’re right, you’ve got to get out there, give it time, and at least see the things you went there to see. Otherwise, you’re just shooting yourself in the foot – maybe I won’t ever be back to Amsterdam in my lifetime, but at least I saw the Rembrandts, the tulips, the Delft china, the pancakes, etc.November 14, 2014 – 1:57 pmReplyCancel

    • Rhonda Krause - Oh good, I’m glad I’m not the only one! I think most places are worth visiting at least once. Even if it’s not what you expected, you still need to make the best of it. As soon as I let go of my preconceived notions, and just accepted Athens for what it was, I had a much better time!November 14, 2014 – 5:07 pmReplyCancel

  • Sarah Jayne Keck - Thank you so much for an honest review. I’ve found this feeling in a few places, Cusco Peru, Krakow Poland. It wasn’t until I learnt to realise I was somewhere different and to not even compare it to the other cities in the same country. Enjoy what you’re experiencing at that time. I liked this post, it’s forewarned me of what to expect in Athens. Cheers, Sarah.September 17, 2018 – 7:49 pmReplyCancel

  • Jonathan - My first trip to Paris had a flight from hell and lost luggage oh and it was in the immediate aftermath of the ‘05 riots so the burned out metro station I saw leaving CDG had me questioning my sanity. However when I emerged into the Place St Georges it was pure magic from there. England I hated the trains my first time there. And Cairo (another even worse flight from hell experience) was a massive disappointment that never really redeemed itself in my eyes. But the rest of Egypt and Jordan will stay with me always. March 9, 2019 – 7:35 pmReplyCancel

Photo of the Week: El Castillo, Chichen Itza

Chichén Itzá is Mexico’s most famous, and most visited, ancient Mayan sites.  The spectacular focal point of this pre-Columbian/pre-Hispanic era city, is the Temple of Kukulkan, more commonly known as El Castillo. El Castillo has 365 steps, one for each day of the year.  There are 91 steps on each side and the top platform makes…

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Vancouver Island Road Trip Itinerary- The Best of the Island in 7 Days

One summer Mike and I set out on 15 day road trip from Edmonton to Vancouver Island and back.  We spent a lot of our time on “The Island” (as us Western Canadians call it) since it has a little bit of everything- great beaches, whimsical towns, gorgeous provincial parks, and romantic gardens. There’s no…

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  • Derek Christensen - How accessible – for Persons with Mobility Impairments – are these wonderful places you wrote about?? I’ve been to some of these places, but not all and am taking my wife to some of these in July 2013.
    I have had many frustrating days trying to inquire to many locations to find out how “accessible” these places are for Persons with Disabilities. I’m disabled.June 20, 2013 – 10:42 amReplyCancel

    • Rhonda Krause - Out of all the places we visited, Butchart Gardens is the most accessible. There is only one part in the Sunken Garden (a lookout point) that wouldn’t be accessible because of the stairs leading up. The Rose Carousel is even accessible. The Gardens also have wheelchairs available on a first come first served basis. They are free, you just need to make a $10 refundable deposit.

      Schooner Cove trail involves a lot of stairs and the boardwalk can be slippery.

      A website that may help you out regarding accessibility of beaches in the Tofino area is

      Hope this helps!June 20, 2013 – 3:28 pmReplyCancel

  • Giles Gonnsen - Thank you for this entry. My girlfriend and I are going to be visiting Vancouver Island for the first time this June. We are coming all the way from Florida, so any insider looks always help!April 15, 2014 – 3:20 amReplyCancel

  • Sarah King Stern - Thank you so much for your post!!! we are leaving tomorrow for B.C. and will be visiting many of these spots thanks to you!!June 20, 2014 – 5:48 pmReplyCancel

  • E - Thanks for posting this – it was helpful on a recent trip.July 12, 2015 – 2:11 pmReplyCancel

  • Gina - Thanks for your insightful article..we are currently planning our first trip to Canada and will spend a week on Vancouver sounds like the perfect itinerary ;)
    Best wishes from Tasmania, Australia!February 20, 2016 – 6:08 amReplyCancel

    • Rhonda Krause - Hi Gina! Glad you found my article helpful. Vancouver Island is a great place to visit and with a week you’ll be able to experience a lot of it. How long will you be in Canada for? You should definitely try and make it to my home province of Alberta. We’ve got the beautiful Rocky Mountains!February 22, 2016 – 3:24 pmReplyCancel

  • Clare Alayne - This is a fantastic post! I love the island, and my partner and I are planning our wedding there. The best part – his Aussie family and friends getting to experience the island for the first time. Thanks for providing a great road trip template!April 4, 2016 – 1:13 amReplyCancel

  • Amanda - Thanks for your excellent article. We are planning a short trip on Vancouver Island, we only have 3 full days to explore as much as we can this June. Your article has given me plenty of ideas. We can’t wait!May 20, 2016 – 8:31 amReplyCancel

  • Chad Schill - This is a great read and very personal with the explanations you have given. Great job and more importantly so glad you both had a great time! I live on Saltspring Island, next time include our little island in your trip!June 14, 2016 – 11:56 pmReplyCancel

  • Kati - Hi Rhonda,

    I’ve been following your blog for some time, it was really helpful when we were planning our six weeks Canada road trip last year!

    But I didn’t quite listen to your advice on Vancouver Island and we stuffed up our road trip by packing way too much in (and we were heading north to catch the ferry from Port Hardy as well). I virtually didn’t see anything you saw and now looking your descriptions and pictures, I can only smack myself in the head and wonder why none of your advice had sunk in… Ah well, I guess I can say I learnt some lessons. ;)March 3, 2017 – 3:06 amReplyCancel

    • Rhonda Krause - Oh no! That’s too bad. I’ve been guilty of that a time or two myself. I guess you’ll have to come back one day. ;)March 5, 2017 – 2:19 pmReplyCancel

  • Seymour Balling - Thanks for posting such a wonderful trip experience.July 9, 2017 – 6:19 amReplyCancel

The Roman Forum- History, Monuments and Tips for Visiting

Nestled in a valley between Palatine and Capitoline Hills, the Roman Forum still impresses, just as it must have centuries ago when it was the centre of Roman public life. During my tour of the Roman Forum, I was engrossed in its rich history and fascinated by the remaining structures. Walking along the ancient streets,…

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  • Ron - Thank you, Rhonda !January 4, 2017 – 7:37 amReplyCancel

Photo of the Week: Sanctuary of Athena, Delphi

The Sanctuary of Athena is the most picturesque spot at Ancient Delphi and the Tholos, backed by a valley of olive trees, is Delphi’s most stunning monument. Built between 380 and 360 BC, the Tholos may have sheltered an important statue, although the exact purpose of the structure is unknown. The three columns that stand have…

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When in Venice…Ride a Gondola!

A gondola ride is quintessential Venice and a must-do for any visit to this city of canals.  Some might turn their nose up and call it “touristy”, but I didn’t feel like I had truly experienced Venice until I was floating down the Grand Canal in a gondola.  It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that almost…

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  • Kadri - Great post, can’t wait to visit Italy and Venice by myself in spring. :)February 23, 2014 – 1:02 pmReplyCancel

    • Rhonda Krause - Lucky you! You’ll love it! I have very fond memories from my solo trip to Italy.February 23, 2014 – 4:07 pmReplyCancel

  • Yuriy - It is a pity that you could not feel completely Venice. It is better to stay in a hotel in Venice. In the evening, take a walk in the evening in Venice when there is no large crowds of tourists. You will then see and feel the real Venice.July 14, 2015 – 5:27 pmReplyCancel

    • Rhonda Krause - Yes, I wish I wasn’t on a tour so that I could have spent more time in Venice. I’m thinking about going back to Venice next year and I will definitely stay a few nights so that I can have the complete Venetian experience!July 17, 2015 – 8:58 amReplyCancel

  • Ron - Thank you !March 17, 2017 – 3:23 amReplyCancel

The Joys of Solo Travel

My upcoming wedding has me mourning my days as a solo traveller. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad that I will have a consistent travel companion from now on.  Solo travel can get lonely at times and, in all honesty, there were moments I wished I had someone special to share those incredible places…

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  • SuzieD - I think the important thing for a solo traveller is not where u go, but what options are available.

    I *really* recommend going on a trip with Exodus or Explore or one of those adventure companies. They are excellent and a great way to meet other people. I have been on several – the Atlas Descent Bike Trip in Morocco, Lake Garda Mountain Biking, Sea Kayaking in Greece, Multi-Activity in Turkey. Honestly, they are wonderful and – no – I do not work for them.

    However, I have also gone *full-solo*, so to speak. If u decide to do that, my main tip would be go to Eastern Europe (for great value and things to do) and then…

    1. Stay in hostels, they are THE BEST place to meet other travelers.

    2. If there are no hostels, go on 1 or 2 day activity outings, e.g. diving, climbing, canyoning, etc. They are another great way to meet people.

    3. Carry your smartphone with you and join websites like Wandermates or AirBnB to help meet other people. None of them are perfect, but they are useful.

    4. Go on a backpacker-type bus tour. They are brilliant also and a great way to hook w people :)June 11, 2013 – 7:21 amReplyCancel

    • Rhonda Krause - Great tips, Suzie. Just because you travel alone doesn’t mean you have to be lonely. There are a lot of great ways to meet people while travelling, some of which you have mentioned.June 11, 2013 – 9:21 amReplyCancel

  • Vania - I am loving your blog! Came across it when Travel Yukon posted a link to the Klondike Hwy post (one of the most beautiful drives I have been so far, aiming to brave the Dempster Hwy next year!).
    I cannot agree more about solo travel! Yes, it is awesome having company to share memories with, but the freedom of exploring what you enjoy, ah…. that is priceless! And Suzie’s tip about hostels is absolutely right! I explored San Diego by myself hiking Torrey Pines and strolling around Old Town, but when I hit Gaslamp Quarter at night, half of the fun I gotta thank people I met at the hostel! Keep exploring, safe travels!November 6, 2014 – 7:32 pmReplyCancel

    • Rhonda Krause - Hi Vania. I am so glad you found my blog and are enjoying my posts! Yes, solo travel can be a lot of fun, but I mostly appreciate the freedom to do as I wish. If I want to sit around and wait for the perfect photo, nobody will be annoyed by that! Happy travels and keep in touch!November 6, 2014 – 9:18 pmReplyCancel

  • Shivya Nath - Love this post! Like you, I started traveling solo because life is too short to wait for company. But after all these years, I crave ‘me travel time’ once in a while for all the reasons you’ve mentioned.

    I hope you’ll find the time to go solo once in a way after the big day too ;)February 6, 2015 – 10:16 pmReplyCancel

    • Rhonda Krause - Thanks, Shivya! I’m still craving some ‘me travel time’ as well, so I should probably make that happen!February 7, 2015 – 12:45 pmReplyCancel

  • tika - I’m planning solo travel in Rome , this summer and your post helps me. Thank you!June 9, 2015 – 4:44 amReplyCancel

  • Carol Huxley - I’m 74, lived and worked in Europe for ten years in the ’60’s and 70’s.then travelled to Europe and Asia regularly – I was lucky to have available double-time Long Service Leave . I was almost always a solo traveller for the same reasons given here. I always had a wonderful time and now I’m writing ‘tales’ about these trips. So Solo Travelling has had two very good effects – the travel itself and now remembering it all (a struggle) and writing about it.July 10, 2015 – 12:03 amReplyCancel

  • Marlo Basco - Its so inspiring to learn the benefits of solo travels.Im now planning to go to italy and visit milan,florence,venice & a side trip to paris france.
    This will be my 2nd trip as solo traveller but first time in Europe. I did solo in the US and had a great time.
    Is September ok to travel in Italy..i want to visit milan expo before it ends by october? Im from the Philippines i hope its not too cold this Sept.Im tempted to join a package tour but i find their itirenary lacking and short..I decided to do it on my own since my friends cnt join me too. Im excited but nervous…Tnx a lotJuly 11, 2015 – 6:50 pmReplyCancel

Knossos Palace- Discovering Minoan Culture and Mythology

If you have an interest in Greek mythology and archaeology, then the ruins of Knossos Palace make for an interesting stop during a visit to the island of Crete. As the capital of the Minoan civilization on Crete, Knossos is associated with many great stories in Greek Mythology. According to legend, it was here that…

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Romantic Trip to New Orleans- Our 10 Favourite Activities for Romance

Romantic New Orleans is a great place to spend a few days with your sweetheart.  Live music, charming cafes and a relaxed atmosphere makes the Big Easy the perfect place to celebrate your love. 10 Romantic Things to Do in New Orleans New Orleans was the first place Mike and I visited as a couple….

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Photo of the Week: Bridal Falls, British Columbia

When I visited Bridal Falls in British Columbia, my first thought was that it had been named appropriately. The water cascading down the smooth rocks creates a delicate look similar to a bridal veil. Not only beautiful, the height of the falls is impressive as well. Bridal Falls is the 6th largest waterfall in Canada,…

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Sacred Swim-Ik Kil Cenote, Mexico

Swimming in a cenote is a sacred, almost mystical experience. It’s strange, but after visiting one, I can understand how the Maya believed cenotes were gateways to the afterlife. Cenotes are naturally occurring phenomenons, sinkholes in the Earth’s surface born when the roof of a water filled cave collapses. It’s estimated that the Yucatan Peninsula…

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  • Brandon - Thanks for the helpful info. We’re traveling the Yucatan by motorcycle from West Virginia now. It’s a blast.December 12, 2013 – 6:15 pmReplyCancel

    • Rhonda Krause - Glad you found our post helpful. Have a great trip!December 12, 2013 – 9:06 pmReplyCancel

  • Kelly - This is an awesome post and can totally relate considering we’ve just gotten back ourselves. I’ve done a similar post on my blog too. Love your shots! I found the cenote really hard to shoot with the direct sunlight!!July 6, 2015 – 6:10 amReplyCancel


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