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Photo of the Week: Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athens

In the centre of Athens, just southeast of the Acropolis, stands the ruined Temple of Olympian Zeus. In 1515 BC, Athenian tyrant Peisistratos laid the foundation for what he envisioned being the greatest temple in the world. Unfortunately, construction was abandoned five years later when Peisistratos’ son, Hippias, was overthrown in 510 BC. Over the years,...

A Night Out at the Tropicana Havana- Review, Photos and Tips for Visiting

Since 1939, the Tropicana has been Cuba’s defining cabaret show. At this famous open-air nightclub in a lush tropical garden estate, guests are entertained by a colourful medley of song and dance reflecting elements of Cuban culture. The Tropicana Havana Cabaret- Our Experience Our cab heads down a broad, tree lined avenue into Miramar, Havana’s...


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